Quality Assurance Plan

Sr.No. Items Parameter Type Of Check Quantum Acceptance Criteria Reference Record
A Incoming Inspection
1 Raw Material a) Intactness
b) Grade Confirmation
c) Physical Verification
5 bags/lot
5 bags/lot
5 bags/lot
No damage information on packaging material
Grade Verification on bag
No damage to Package
Purchase order
Supplier's Challan
Inward inspection report
Supplier's Challan
2 Moulds a) Physical
b) First Sample
First sample As per drawing As per drawing Inward inspection report
3 Packaging Material Physical Visual 5 % per lot No damage Supplier's Challan purchase followed Supplier's Challan Inward inspection report
B Inprocess Inspection : Valves & Pipe Fittings
1 Moulding Operation Dimension & Physical Verification Measure & Value First sample 100% Drawing, No deformities, No surface porosity Drawing  
2 Machining Dimension Measure 100% Drawing Drawing  
3 Assembly of Valves Physical Verification Dimension Value Measure 100% Proper within limits Assembly drawing Final inspection report
C Final Inspection : Valves
1 Hydrotesting            
1) Body testing Leakage test Visual Check 100% No leakage WPD0400 Final inspection report
2) Seat testing Leakage test Visual Check 100% No leakage WPD0400
2 PCD drilling check Dimension Dimension As per sampling plan inspection report Within limits WPD0300/Drawing  
D Packing Packing of finished goods Visual 100% Intactness of package Order register Delivery challan / Invoice

Dedication to quality is the key behind the skyrocketing success of UNP Polyvalves. Quality verification for valves is a decisive step in our manufacturing process. With an unmatched attention to every minute detail and an array of customized service options, we have succeeded to become the valve manufacturer of choice for both small and bulk requirements. Ever since we made our foray into this industry, we have persistently subscribed to developing valves of utmost possible quality. A quality control check is constantly carried out in our production unit with every single valve being checked for faults, cracks and distortions in their surface finish. Every factor concerning quality gives considerable attention to ensuring that our valued patrons receive from us nothing less than the best. In the process, we follow strict quality control, inspection and testing at all levels and personally monitoring the varied manufacturing procedures and assembly levels thereby assuring trouble-free functioning of our variegated valves.

The professionalism and meticulousness of our team of quality inspectors and supervisors are integrated into all parts of our offered range of finished products. Each and every testing and inspection result of the material as well as the valve is registered in our efficient quality system for supporting ongoing quality control endeavour. With us, every record inspection, testing process, results, valve series numbers and operator information are traceable. Our valves are carefully inspected prior to its shipment for ensuring that it fully complies with our consumers’ specifications. Our key objective is to manufacture quality valves and upholding them throughout.

Based on internal inspection report we allow our customer to check following :

  1. Physical verification of valves & quality check.
  2. Witnessing a leakage test i.e. hydro test as per our standard test procedure & pressure rating confirmed by us only for acceptance sampling i.e. 10% of the total quantity.
  3. Chemical resistance of ISOTACTIC PP is more than that of normal grade PP even at an elevated temperature.
  4. Dimension check of final assembly of valve as per our standard drawings.
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