General Properties Of Polymers

Technical Properties Specific Gravity Water Absorption
ft. lb/in
At Break
Temp. °C
Max Working Temp °C
Normal Grade Polypropylene 0.90-0.91 0.01-0.03 50 4400 1.5-2.5 200 90 200-300 80-85
Isotactic Polypropylene 0.90 0.01 70 4800 2.2-2.7 200 142 200-300 120
PVDF 1.77-1.78 0.03 76-80 7000 2.0-4.0 50-250 168 200-300 -40 to +140
ETFE 1.70 0.007 75 6700 2.0 300 176 310-330 -100 to +160
FEP 2.15 0.004 60 3400 2.9 325 260 350-370 205
PFA 2.15 < 0.03 72 3600 1.2 300 305 350-370 260

Minimum life expected in hours for three continuous service temperature levels.

Formulation At 120°C At 100°C At 80°C
Isotatic 18,000 1,04,000 7,15,000
Polypropylene (2 Yrs) (12 Yrs) (80 Yrs)

Concreting our place in the valve manufacturing industry, UNP Polyvalves have provided its customers the best possible valve products which are unmatched in the global market.

Our products are well known for the materials being utilized during production which are of the highest grade at competitive prices. Such raw materials are the specialty of our gamut.

UNP Polyvalves has always believed in providing quality products to our esteemed customers around the world. Our continuous product innovations and material research enable us to respond efficiently to the market developments and keep up with the latest trends. The materials used during the manufacturing of the assorted range of valves offers the customers with the reliability they need which is backed up by the assurance for use in the long run.

With the use of the right materials for the right application, UNP Polyvalves have excelled in this domain and are counted amongst the top players in the market. The polymers used by us add a lot of years to the life of the valves produced. Their use gives a significant touch to the valves making them flexible, durable and of optimum performance which totally suffices the needs of the market.

Some of our supreme qualities of polymer materials used are normal grade polypropylene, isotactic polypropylene, PVDF, Fluorocarbon resin, ETFE, FEP and PFA

The materials exploited and use in the production is highly recognized and appreciated for the features which they posses. These include:

• Immune to atmospheric degradations and ozone attacks
• Excellent heat resistance
• High chemical resistance
• Excellent toughness
• High durability
• Flexible
• Highly Corrosion resistant
• Excellent coat flexibility
• Minimal maintenance required

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